Secret Daughter | Shilpi Somaya Gowda

Secret Daughter

William Morrow – 2010
346 pages

Dahanu, India
A woman named Kavita, struggling with labor. He already knew what was going to happen, baby girl to be born it must be 'removed'. This baby is the second child Kavita and Jasu, but again women. Jasu to be indifferent, and no matter what will be done Kavita towards the baby.

3 days after birth, Ashu - baby girl, delivered to an orphanage in Mumbai.

A year later, Kavita pregnant again, this time men and was greeted with joy by Jasu and his family. Treat them to Kavita is very different than when Kavita containing girls.

Meanwhile, Somer and Krishnan, a doctor couple, faced problems. Again, Somer miscarriage and convicted will not be able to contain anymore because of an 'early menopause'.

IN the midst of despair, Khrisnan offers an alternative to adopting a child from India. With a convoluted bureaucracy, finally, a daughter officially adopted by Somer and Khrisnan.

Cultural issues, customs, beliefs and social become an issue in this book. First, that the boy is considered more 'valuable' than girls. The boy is expected to become the backbone and pride of the family, who will bring his family into a better direction. Meanwhile, the girls are considered takin 'shit' - which will be nyusahin, especially when getting married. In Indian culture, the bride is women who have to pay a dowry. And the older the woman, the more difficult to get a proper suitor. Thus, many baby girls were buried alive, discarded or handed over to an orphanage.

In the case of Somer, as American women, of course, difficult to accept or absorb the Indian culture. Sometimes he feels there is a distance between himself and Asha, which automatically more akin to Khrisnan which originated from India.

But I salute the families Khrisnan, that although the Indians were very much appreciate the traditions and culture, can receive Somer and not addressing the problem of infertility Somer.

Which makes me somewhat disturbed, are too many stories from different points of view - there Kavita, Asha, Somer, Khrisnan, Jasu. I probably still could have enjoyed if the storytelling is Kavita, Somer and Asha. Let me be more focused and 'feel' the drama.

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